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About Us

Nba live mobile hack is a coalition of businesses and people who share in the frequent objective of creating a more comprehensive and supportive online community. Our company doesn't guarantee the planet is going to soon be free of online harassment, but collectively, we aspire to bring us closer to this objective. is based by AMD, Samsung and Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. If you're considering joining the movement, then link us to #nbalivehack.


An internet universe where everyone -- no matter their individuality, orientation, history, or beliefs -- has been handled with respect and free of time.


Our goal is to produce a more inclusive and supportive internet community by decreasing the frequency and seriousness of internet harassment.

To be able to make this happen, together we'll:

  • Elevate the Debate around internet harassment by increasing awareness of the issue, its popularity, its real life sway, and the duty all of us share to discuss when we observe harassment occurring.
  • Foster Collaboration among organizations, societal influencers, and people around this frequent cause so as to maximize the impact and reach of the collective assets.
  • Produce and Cultivate Real Solutions -- both the educational and technological -- which will directly promote the decrease in the frequency and seriousness of internet harassment.